AntiMicrobial Coating

AntiMicrobial Coating

ABH Antimicrobial Coating - Provides built in protection to prevent the growth of a broad range of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

ABH is employing a silver ion based antimicrobial science to produce a new protective finish for most ABH products that minimizes bacterial growth on the surface of the finished product. BioGuard is available on all standard finishies. Specify AM after the finish(US32DAM)

The ABH Antimicrobial compound is an inorganic material with the natural protection of silver. Encapsulated silver ions are slowly released from the antimicrobial compound to the treated surface where they interact with microorganisms on the surface of the product. This produces an effective shield against numerous strains of bacteria, yeast, fungi, and molds.

Proven Studies...

ABH Antimicrobial protective finishes have been field tested and recent studies have shown significant reduction in bacterial growth on push plates in a hospital setting. This cleaner surface was even evident in light of standard hospital cleaning procedures.


ABH Antimicrobial protective finish will remain effective for the useful life of our finish and does not cause any product discoloration.


ABH Antimicrobial technology has been tested to be safe, including food contact applications. The ABH Antimicrobial compound material has been EPA registered, NSF certified, and is FDA listed for food contact.