Quick Ship Programs

Quick Ship Programs


Download the Target 1 Program

ABH is pleased to announce a REVISED TARGET-1 PROGRAM. All designated products will be shipped from stock within 1-3 working days at standard buying program. This will become effective November 1, 2004.

All orders marked Target-1 will be shipped in 1-3 business days. Orders must clearly indicate Target-1 or it will default to the standard 2 week lead-time. Only products listed below are eligible for 1-3 days shipping with standard buying programs.

Orders with additional products not on the list will be shipped standard 2 weeks lead-time. Stock items (at standard buying program) may be combined on the same order with designated Target-3 (50% discount) products.

Freight will be allowed on orders over $1,000 by carrier of our choice.

Hospital Push/Pulls

  • 602-US32D 2-3/4" Backset, Standard Strike
  • 602A-US32D 2-3/4” Backset, ASA Strike
  • 605-US32D 5" Backset, Standard Strike
  • 605A-US32D 5" Backset, ASA Strike
  • 601LB-US32D Roller Latch Conversion Kit

Electro-Magnetic Door Holders

  • 2100/2200-US28, S1 Wall Mount, Recessed, Universal Voltage

Overhead Stops

  • 4000, 4400 Holders, Stops and Friction in US32D
  • 9000 Holders, Stops and Friction in US32D
  • 1000 Holders, Stops and Friction in US32D
  • 7000 Holders and Stops in 652


  • 019-US32D Intermediate Pivot, Handed
  • 0195-US32D Pivot Set (Top and Bottom), Handed

Aluminum Continuous Gear Hinges

  • A110HDC083 Full Mortise, 83", Clear Anodized, Flush Door
  • A111HDC083 Full Mortise, 83", Clear Anodized, 1/8” Inset
  • A240HDC083 Full Mortise, 83", Clear Anodized, 1/8” Inset
  • A570HDC083 Full Surface, 83", Clear Anodized for Narrow Frames

Stainless Steel Continuous Pin & Barrel Hinges

  • A5000070-SS, 7’ (83-1/8") Full Mortise

Power Transfers - US32D

  • PT105 for up to 105 Degree Door Opening
  • PT180 for up to 180 Degree Door Opening


  • 3780-USP 20” Long, for up to 8’ Pair of Doors
  • 3721-US28, USP Full Bar Type w/ Filler Bar (For 56-1/6" to 72" Pair of Doors)
  • 3760 Carry Bar, Black
  • 3751/3752 Mounting Brackets, US28, USP
  • 3790-US32D Gravity Type

Flush Bolts

  • 1860P, 1862P Automatic Flush Bolts US32D

Floor Stops

  • 1803

Surface Bolts - 8" Only

  • N1815TB w/ Top and Bottom Strike, US32D
  • N1815TLB w/ Top and Bottom Strike and Lock Bracket, US32D

Vertical Rod Protectors - 24" Rod Protector

  • 1811/1812/1813

ABH "TARGET 3" EXPRESS - 3 Day Ship Program

Download the Target 3 Program

  • ABH offers 3 DAY SHIPPING on ANY PRODUCT IN ANY FINISH that is listed on the current price list.
  • Order must clearly indicate Target 3 or 3 day program or it will default to standard lead time.
  • Order will be entered within 24 hours of receipt of faxed P.O. and shipped within 3 working days from entry date.
  • All items are processed from stock, subject to prior sale.
  • Price is 50% discount off current price list.
  • Freight is pre-paid on orders over $750 by carrier of our choice.